Find Happiness By Just Saying Your Name

Studies show: Less than 5% of our happiness is generated by the activity we are doing — the rest comes from simply paying attention. Also, 47% of the time when you are sitting idle, your mind wanders. Most people don’t realize that this is also a key indicator of your level of happiness. So IContinue reading “Find Happiness By Just Saying Your Name”

Having more Energy by Breathing with your Neck

Scientists have shown that back of your neck, more specifically the region at the base of your skull called the medulla, controls and regulates your breathing, heart rate, digestion, swallowing, and blood pressure. Incredible. This one area controls most of your body’s functioning. That is why it is so important to focus on and openContinue reading “Having more Energy by Breathing with your Neck”

Breathe into Solar Plexus, Stimulate your Immune System

Our Solar Plexus is what scientists call our 2nd or Abdominal Brain. Why is it So Important, Why Breathe Deeply into It?  1st, what is it? Big cluster of nerves-tissues lining the esophagus, stomach, small intestine Forms main circuit of our nervous system, 100 MM neurons, connects directly to brain But, it is Independent ofContinue reading “Breathe into Solar Plexus, Stimulate your Immune System”

Excerpts from NetWorkWise 9/4/19 press release, on launch of Bill’s 2nd podcast:

Since all we can control in our entire life is how we feel, nothing else, he urges clients to take their often unruly reactions, that others trigger, and bring them back to your cave, mediation cushion, and therapeutic work so that you can fully understand the roots and lessons of any anger, joy, or frustrations. Continue reading “Excerpts from NetWorkWise 9/4/19 press release, on launch of Bill’s 2nd podcast:”