Breathe into Solar Plexus, Stimulate your Immune System

Our Solar Plexus is what scientists call our 2nd or Abdominal Brain.

Why is it So Important, Why Breathe Deeply into It? 

1st, what is it?

  1. Big cluster of nerves-tissues lining the esophagus, stomach, small intestine
  2. Forms main circuit of our nervous system, 100 MM neurons, connects directly to brain
  3. But, it is Independent of brain, thinks on its own:  90% of all info goes from gut to brain, not brain to gut

How Breathing into it Reboots your Body’s Health:

  1. By Stretching abdomen/stomach muscles, an electrical signal sent that slows of heart rate, cortex firings
  2. This Activates parasympathic (relaxation) nervous system, activates glands/hormone secretion

What Changes, Improves?

  1. Fires Up Immune System—by waking up the Thymus gland
  1. Greek word ‘Thymos’ means ‘life energy’
    1. Stimulates production of T cells
  • Release Toxins—70% of all toxins leave body via breath
  • Slow Aging Process and Regulate-Improve bone density
  1. Releasing hormones like Serotonin HGH, DHEA (steroid decreases cholesterol, heart disease)
    1. Scientists shown Alzheimer patients ½ the levels of DHEA
  • Increases sense of happiness via secretion of Serotonin in the gut
  1. 90% of this neurochemical is in stomach, not brain
    1. Serotonin is body’s Happiness drug
    1. All Anti-depressants (Valium, Xanax) and psychedelics designed to chemically active this natural elixir
    1. Do it with your Breath!

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